New SlipStream Reviews

Wait I’m not done yet. We had some great new reviews come up on WTA.

This isn’t much of a review yet, but here’s some First Impressions by ZeroTA:

On my Dan Wesson CBOB, I greased the rails. I knew I put it on thick, but I think I put it on a bit too thick as it seems to actually be harder to cycle and slower to go into battery when I release the slide. I also have grease coming out the back of the frame.Grin So, hopefully a few mags through will clear it out and get me back in tip-top shape.

Then,there’s my Dan Wesson PM-1. Now I was prepared to be unimpressed with Slipstream. I have used FP-10 for years with no problems and recommended it to everyone who asked and a lot of people who didn’t, as firearms aficionados are wont to do. I field stripped it and hit everything that touched something else with Slipstream oil. Put a few drops on the slide and frame rails,slapped ‘er back together and cycled it about 50 times.

There’s not really a word for it…I mean it’s slick, but it’s almost like there’s no friction. Now I’m no expert but I’m no rookie either, I know what a 1911 ought to feel like when you cycle the slide. And this feels downright weird. Count me as impressed. Next up, this and my DW Patriot is getting buck naked and we’re having a Slipstream party.

by chiwar7178

I’m glad to say that not only does SlipStream lubricate my rilfes, pistols, and shotgun great, it has survived a 1000-round test in my G26.  I greased the slide rails, applied one drop of oil to the trigger mechanism, and three drops to the main action spring; after about 200 rounds, the weapon finally stopped slinging grease on me (I applied just a tad too much).  Around 800 or 900 rounds, without cleaning mind you, it was still running better (read: smoother) than when I used RemOil and Militec.  I had to let my brother-in-law fire the weapon for his CHL qualification, which put the total round count to 1000; he did superbly with no FTF or FTE.

NOTE: Wolf steel-cased 9x19mm Parabellum is some FILTHY ammo!

I had to buy another SS kit so that I wouldn’t have to worry about my oil and grease coming up missing, again.

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