Guns Confiscated by police

I heard about this on Armed American Radio tonight. The way it was described was that the poor guy was part of the cutbacks. Sent home to work from home unless his supervisor said otherwise. While on such status the gentleman went out and bought 3 guns in one day. Now these weren’t his only guns. He had been a gun owner for years. So the police coax him out of his house in the middle of the night and hauled off for a psychiatric evaluation. Why you ask? Because he bought to many guns on one day after being put on work from home status. Before you say, “wait a minute that’s illegal”, here’s an article to prove it.

I’m sorry but if this doesn’t upset you down to your Constitutional core there’s something wrong with you.

Now for the man to get his weapons back he had to throw a media fit. Really, the police in Oregon is that nuts? You know I’m from Oregon. It’s one of the most beautiful places on earth but between the liberal political B.S. like this, and the fact that my ex-wife still lives there, I will never live there again. Oregon you have some serious problems. If you need a copy of the Constitution I can hook you up with The Heritage Foundation where you can get a free copy.

Just yesterday, after enough of the country finding out about this the police decided they would give the man his guns back…can you believe that crap. They illegally confiscated his guns and then decided they would go ahead and give them back. This should outrage all patriots.

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