ST-3 SlipStream Treatment

I’m starting to get some feedback from our early ST-3 pistol treatments and I wanted to share them with you. I was a little nervous for a minute there with one of them. I received a message from one of the guys to the effect of “WTF my gun is gritty”. After 200 rounds he had hit the CLEAN NOW wall. This is a dry lube. Enough carbon build up and it will get gritty like any other firearm. He cleaned up the pistol and everything was good but enough from me let me post up the actual quotes.

Re: Slipstream Treatment Review

Postby mqondo on Mon 15 Mar 2010 10:23 am

Alrighty then. It took me a little longer to get the review posted, but here we go. When I was handed back the pistol by Crusader Smithy, it was Slipstream slick. I mean, smooth as smooth can be. The interior has a nice silvery sheen on everything. It feels like the grease/oil combo, but…..different, in a really good way. He told me that the trigger was the thing he noticed the most improvement on. The trigger before was great. It’s a 1911. When I tried the trigger, I was shocked. It was better than ever. It was more smooth than butter. What’s smoother than butter? Yogurt? No…… It is by FAR the BEST 1911 trigger I have ever felt. Another thing that is so amazing about this ST-3 treatment is that the entire pistol is COMPLETELY BONE DRY. There is no oil, and no grease. There is just PURE GOODNESS. As I have stated before, this is just what the Gundoctor ordered. I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone and everyone. It is seriously incredible. I always thought running a gun dry would be a bad idea. No longer. This baby will run dry for a long time. I think all the people driving around me probably though I was on drugs on the way home, because I was grinning from ear to ear the entire way home. Even giggling at times. Thanks Crusader! I will get it to the range as soon as I can, and will post another review once I get back. Oh, and he said to run as many rounds through it as I could before cleaning it. Put rounds through it until you can’t take how dirty it is. This will help the treatment work in even more. :dancing:

Re: Slipstream Treatment Review

Postby xRapidDavex on Sat 20 Mar 2010 12:06 pm

Just got back from a range day with Hyrax :dancing: . First of all, thank you so much for the one-on-one time. You’re a great teacher who doesn’t make people feel intimidated. Your positive encouragement was greatly appreciated.

Now for the slipstream treatment….. WAAAHHOOOOOOOO!! :dancing: :thewave: :gun8: :jawdrop: :cheers: :party3:

This thing is bone dry and fired flawlessly. I did decide to cleanup the slipstream left on my feeding ramp after about 100 rounds because it seemed like the first round was sticking slightly, but it never had a problem feeding before or after I did that.

Man, I thought this thing fired great before but now it’s just plain awesome. The action feels like butter after each shot and it’s surely easier to get sights right back on target.

I’m very happy with the treatment so far. I think I’ll wait until 500 rounds until I clean this thing out.

Re: Slipstream Treatment Review

Postby mqondo on Sat 20 Mar 2010 3:42 pm

I just got back from Doug’s shooting range. Tested out the newly Slipstreamed 1911. Umm… It was sweet. The trigger is smooth, oh so smooth. Everything is so slick. I shot 85 rounds through it and it was great. I’m very pleased with the outcome of having this gun treated. It is great. It even helped improve my shooting somehow. :D I’m betting it’s because the trigger is so much easier to use, that I don’t move it around as much when I shoot. Seriously amazing stuff. If you haven’t had your firearm down to see Crusader, you’d better head down and get the Slipstream Treatment tossed on there right now.

I like to have a clean gun, but I’m going to wait probably 500+ rounds before I clean it. Maybe more if I can stand it. I guess it depends on how much ammo I can afford in the next while. :D

Thanks Crusader for a fantastic product!

Re: Slipstream Treatment Review

Postby xRapidDavex on Wed 24 Mar 2010 1:17 am

Mine felt gritty after 200 rounds and I was like :huh: :raisedbrow:

Cleaned it up as Crusader said and my face looked like this: :jawdrop:

The gun is slicker than the day I picked it up and it’s absolutely bone dry. I’m going to the men’s shoot this weekend without lubing it to see how it runs, then I’ll do the thinest coat of slipstream any time after that.

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