Militia moving into Utah

Just as the title suggests there’s all kind of talk about the latest militia group moving into Utah. Look I understand being upset with the current political climate. You can believe me when I say that the power grab of the health care bill has me angry too. However, the last thing I intend to do is join a bunch of loosers banding together to kill cops and other government officials. The police have nothing to do with what’s going on. They’re simply here to keep the peace. To target them really shows their stupidity. I would just assume you didn’t show up at my training courses. A group of militia will result in the canceling of the class. Just one shows up to a class…just don’t let me know you’re part of a militia or I will ignore you.

Okay folks let me voice this. I believe wholeheartedly in being prepared. I believe in buying all the guns and ammo you can get your hands on. I believe in training  with those weapons and I believe in protecting your home and family with your guns and training. I even believe in training with your friends and neighbors for the sake of protecting your families, neighborhood but that’s where it ends. Joining a group that wants to take over the government, local or national, is a fools game. I know being a part of a group feels good. Don’t be drawn in by that. Joining a militia doesn’t make you friends or give you popularity. It makes you an idiot.

Look, if you are as upset as I am about the way this country is headed it’s time to educate people on the political process. Get them to register to vote and see that your friends know when to get out to vote. Yes, we need to take back our country. Violence is not the key to that. If violence has any part in these efforts then we automatically loose the fight. We will be seen as militant radicals and we will have zero credibility. The moment we loose our credibility everyone in D.C. stops listening to us. You think they aren’t listening now…you haven’t seen anything yet. Bring violence into this and not only will they not listen but will be violent in return.

We take back our country by voting out all these bastards that voted for that atrocity of a health care bill. We all know it had little to do with health care and was all about amassing power to the government. The way to deal with it is to get men and women of integrity into office. People hell bent on restoring what that bill took away from us. Once in office we don’t just leave them to their own devises we hound them with calls and emails reminding them that we put them in office to repeal the health care bill. We don’t let them off the hook until the mission is accomplished. On the local side we put people in office that will vote for measures to block the health care atrocity on the state level. That’s the way to do it.

Arm yourselves, train with your arms, and be prepared to protect yourself, your family, and your community from people like these militias. We should be ready to stand with our police in defense of our towns and cities. A group banding together to go up against the police is an enemy to our freedoms. These guys accomplish too much and we end up with martial law and zero freedoms. Militias never realize that their way of doing things gives them the opposite results. They end up fighting for their own destruction and that of their neighbors freedoms. Okay, look. Just don’t do it. Don’t do it.

25 thoughts on “Militia moving into Utah

  1. Thank you! As a cop I would wholeheartedly welcome armed citizens standing next to me to defend against militias or any other armed aggresors trying to establish their own little feifdom or run rampant. That’s one of the great things that the 2nd Amendment was established for.

    1. No thanks needed sir. Its one thing to stand against a standing army there to oppress your rights as we saw in the Revolutionary War. Its another thing entirely to not like what’s going on in our Republic and take up arms against police officers. Out here in the west martial law simply wouldn’t be a good idea and impossible to enforce without a lot of bloodshed. I would like to think that the local LE and the people would be on the same side of the law in a catastrophic event. That’s just the type of people we are.

    2. Sarge712 and (you sir) whoever wrote the main piece above don’t get it when it comes to militia’s. I totally agree with what you said about everything except your comments about militia’s, and how you have lumped them all into one catergory. You say that all militia’s are a bunch of stupid, gov’t over throwing, police hating idiots. That simply isn’t true. First of all a Militia is 100% a constituionally correct entity, and it is there in the 2nd Amendment for a huge reason. Yes, there are some groups out there that may take it to far, but you cannot say that about all militia’s. That is pure ignorance on both your parts. I am not in a militia, but I support the 2nd Amend. So I support Militia’s. There are plenty of other people that will, would and could train militia’s out there, like myself, so don’t worry about it. And there is going to come a time that we will have to stand up and use violents to protect our beloved US Contituation & Bill Of Rights, don’t kid yourself. The writing is on the walls. The enemy has taken over from the inside and it will not change. There is no way a good person like Allen Keyes or Ron Paul will ever be allowed to take the Presidency. We The People are losing our Constitutional rights by the minute. And when the day comes that we are fully in a police state, and under Marshel Law, then violents will have to be the answer, and you, me and Sarge712 will have no choice.

  2. I’ll agree with the sentiment, random acts of indiscriminate violence to not help our cause. But I’d like to disagree with some of your specifics.

    “The police have nothing to do with what’s going on. They’re simply here to keep the peace.”

    there are 2 types of police, those that work for the government and those that work for the people. We have too many of the former and not enough of the latter. You don’t get constitutional immunity by pinning on a badge. Mindless drones out to enforce unconstitutional mandates on a peaceful public have a lot to do with whats going on.

    “Joining a militia doesn’t make you friends or give you popularity. It makes you an idiot.”

    Idiots are born that way. Being an part of an armed society is a responsibility. The 2nd amendment states that militia is necessary to our security.

    “We will be seen as militant radicals and we will have zero credibility. The moment we loose our credibility everyone in D.C. stops listening to us. You think they aren’t listening now”

    The MSM and Gov are already flooding the nation with propaganda to skew the public viewpoint and label people & groups as radicals or extremists. Destroying the credibility of those who are merely exercising their freedom to have a different view.

    “Joining a group that wants to take over the government, local or national, is a fools game.”

    The liberals seem to have been successful doing exactly that.

    I’m all for voting people out of office that are not living up to their oath to the Constitution. I’m perfectly willing to do it without violence. I’m willing to do it without non-violent armed resistance. My question is, how do you propose to get people out of office when the system in its entirety, including the vote counters, is corrupt?

    1. I think you’re missing a lot of my point. You and I agree with on many of your points. Take a look at what the militia was at the start of our country. They weren’t weekend commandos they were farmers and shop keepers that simply wasn’t going to let the standing English army trample them under their boots. If we had the same circumstances here today (standing foreign or other army) I’d be one of the first kitted up and ready to go. It’s about protecting our homes, families, and our rights. That is something I believe local and state police, and yes even the state national guard, would be standing shoulder to shoulder with us. The liberals (I know you really mean progressives) are taking over they’re but they are abusing the system to do it. Propaganda and lying isn’t against the law. That’s why it’s their time to be voted out, using the system they are abusing against them. When the progressives start marching with armed troops the true definition of militia will come out. The people standing up against an armed oppressor. Until then I simply wont have anything to do with any militia. Frankly that is the last I’ll allow such talk here as well.

      1. We have a standing army. It’s all the militarized police carrying out the orders of their masters. They are literally going door to door kicking down doors and taking property of everyone that doesn’t agree. They are killing citizens in the street with no recourse. They are taking children from families! IT’S NOW! What is happening in CT can turn violent the moment some stupid cop (not all cops are stupid, I know) decides to shoot someone for defending their rights. And that fire can spread across the country in an instant. And as far as the first militias… They actually were what you refer to as “weekend commandos.” They WERE regular people like you and I, they were shop keepers and farmers. In order to get them to show up to trainings the taverns would actually give away free beer just to get people to show up and learn how to fight. Because let’s face it… Showing up to a fight without training is just plain dumb. If we as a people watch this and do nothing, well, our country is already gone. Voting isn’t working, the systems is bought and paid for. So, playing by their rules won’t win this anymore. It’s to far gone. Armed civil disobedience needs to start now. Keep working in the system, because there are a FEW good people kicking butt and taking names. BUT, train and be ready for what’s coming… Because our enemies in the government aren’t just going to relinquish their power that they killed, stole, and lied for without a fight. Why is it the people of Mexico, Egypt, Venezuela, and Ukraine have to show AMERICANS how to do it? I thought AMERICA was the home of freedom and liberty?

      2. I don’t disagree with you. All we’re missing is a spark. CT may very well be that spark. I can’t give up on people like Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul. They are doing a great work but I’ll admit that they are a few workers fighting an overflowing sewer. Having spent time around the Utah militia, I wouldn’t trust but maybe three of them to have my back. That’s why I’m not there anymore.

  3. You ‘take over the government’ by getting involved in it, controlling it through votes and putting the representatives to work by telling them what you want them to do. Don’t let corporate lobbyists be the only ones talking to the lawmakers.

    As far as ‘Militia’, just have an organized neighborhood watch, that is highly prepared for any eventuality.

    We can take the power back through the democratic process, still. So let’s do it. Good post, GunDoc.

      1. Er… That sounded a lot more sinister that it should have. We have things to talk about it a GOOD way… Not in a “I disagree with you so meet me behind the bleachers” kinda way… Which I’m sure you’d kick my butt anyway. Ha ha ha…

  4. I am a Militia Commander here in Utah more specific Provo area. I cover SL county and Utah county and have connections through out the state we are a legit Militia.
    We are here for survival defending our rights and defending personal security and the security of our area.
    As we know with budget cuts etc there is a decline in LEO’s.
    And people must keep in mind not all militia’s operate as they are supposed to.
    There are those who wanna over throw the government and those who just want freedom and those who step up to security their friends knowing we can’t always rely on others in the government for help and ideal society we can do away with the reliance on law enforcement and properly handle our own affairs.

    Not all militia’s are anti- government though i won’t deny there are some who are.
    most are merely against corrupt government
    we need to work together not against each other for the sake of this republic.

  5. In addition some militia’s require a criminal background or a current concealed weapons permit to assure no criminals are allowed in their group while most claim they do this in reality most don’t so it depends what your intent is depends on how they operate and how you operate.

  6. A simple fact must be pointed out here…
    There is a difference between militia and militant group.
    Militia in it’s origin is Defensive in liberty and the security of it’s people in nature.
    There may be a time when we go on the Offensive but only once a declaration of war has been made by whom ever the enemy is and our actions must be just and Lawful.
    Notice the term Lawful.
    Words have specific meanings keep that in mind.
    As long as we have a system we must work within that system where it does not conflict the Rule of law.
    Militia’s have been given a biased and unfair perception by the media and others by the actions of the few who have gone to another extreme.
    Be it I agree or disagree with going to any extreme is not in question.

    No true militia deals with paranoia and conspiracy theory’s but rather focused on Facts and rule of law.
    Anything outside of that is in Question to if the group is legit or has strayed from the principles upon which it was predicated.

    If we live in Fear we are weak. do away with paranoia and the 80’s mentality of militia and come into reality.

    Focus on community service aka public relations and our image.
    Patrols to secure our community and do so lawfully.

    Emergency prep and training not only to militia members but the community at-large and cooperate with other emergency responders get in line to make sure you have the same training as well as any additional training as may be useful.

    In new orleans the militia did jack.
    Hence they have no right to complain. in other area’s the militia has been known to help out in disasters no matter how great or small.

    I do not say this to bash other units but rather to make a fair point without bias.

    There are active and useful units and units which need to shape up.
    Times are bad and only going to get worse.
    People who may disagree with militia are free to do so but look at differant groups and see the good and the bad and if bad offer suggestions not insults.

  7. I agree with a lot of what you’re saying Shawn. The fact of he matter is that the actions of a few have tainted the original image of the militia. The militia use to be trained by military officers so they knew the militia knew what they were doing. Now the media has made the whole appear as the same as the few wanting to take over the government. I realize that it isn’t so. As a trainer I understand that implicitly. I see our students as people potentially watching my back if it hits the fan. I actually have another post in the works about that very point.

    Thank you for adding the comments about “lawfully” acting. The line can potentially blur and some militias decide to act on their own. That simply can’t happen. When you start to see the line blurring then we’re doing something wrong. LongGun, above, and I had a long email chat about this and I’m happy to think that we’re on the same page about it. I do think that the militia, in it’s original intent, is “necessary to the security of a free state”. Beyond that is where I see the line starts to blur.

  8. Joe-

    Heads up. I’ve met this guy. He doesn’t “command” anything or anyone. He’s just another Walter Mitty with Napoleonic delusions. Trust me on that one.

  9. just cause some may have given the militia a bad name does not mean we should back down or be afraid or use excuses if we are true patriots then stand up and be counted otherwise go home to your mother.
    If you are a patriot then do something to prove it.
    when things get bad and they will if you are not tranined or train soon you will not last long in a battle for survival.
    Train get educated and do something dont be cowards

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