Sean Hannity

Sean hannity was in town last night for a book signing. I got there in the last half hour he was scheduled to be there. I really didn’t expect to get my book signed. The very lengthy line actually moved quickly. The closer I got I could tell Sean was tired. The book signing was from 6pm-8pm and I got to the table about eight o’clock and there was still about 200 people behind me. So I didn’t give him the usual line of “BS” everyone else in line did. “You’re a great American”. I heard that enough times I bet even Sean was tired of his own tag line. There was the usual group of 40+ groupies snapping repeated pictures even though they had already gone through the line. I think I wanted out of there as much as he did. So I spared him the crap. He signed my book, thanked me for coming, I said “thank you sir”, he shook my hand and I got the heck out of the way.

I did notice a couple things though. It’s fair to say that in the middle of conservative Utah there really wasn’t much for him to fear. His security team (that wasn’t there) had to have advised him that there would be a room full of CCW permitted people, like myself, that would have kept the bad guys at bay. He did, however, have a couple cops there with him. I support every officer on the force but these two needed some work. One was all of 19yrs old and just didn’t want to look like it. The other was maybe 25 and at least 70lbs over weight. His belly was lapping over his duty belt and he stood there on his girly lime green cell phone texting the entire time he was within my view.

Now these are my home town cops and I respect them for what they do. When asked to provide a couple officers for a celebrity protection detail I would hope my town would send more than a couple “Barny Fife’s”. Anyone with a good idea of martial arts could have taken them both out and then your celebrity is in serious trouble. What a joke.

Mr. Hannity needs to take a lesson from Michele Malkin, who was also there. On either side of her was an obviously ex-military bodyguard. Now these two shirt and tie guards weren’t much bigger than she was and she is small enough to carry around in your pocket but you could tell if you made a move a little too fast that they would beat you to a pulp.

The whole point of this….Sean, buddy, pal…the next time you’re in town leave “Barny Fife” in his squad car. Hire Crusader Protective Services…we’ll take good care of you. We can be high profile like those with Ms. Malkin or low profile enough to blend into the crowd. We can even be the groupies snapping pictures not 5ft from the table. You deserve more than a couple of “Fife’s” Mr. Hannity. Let a Crusader watch over you.

3 thoughts on “Sean Hannity

    1. In all reality in the middle of Utah he could have been walking through the mall by himself shaking hands and he would have been fine. I think his wife and kids deserve to have him a bit more protected. Like I said we don’t have to be intrusive. We can just look like one of the fans but be within arms reach at all times.

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