I have a quick request folks. The gentleman that did the write up on his urban camo AR decided to post about his experience on a few forums. Okay so it was more than a few and he was very gracious about it. One of the forums, however, tore him up about it and accused him a spamming. I know this guy, he wasn’t trying to get anyone to follow his blog. He just wanted to tell it from the mountains. So here’s my request, if you would find it in your hearts to visit the offending GunBroker forum thread and show some support to the gentleman kind enough to share his experience about his camo job, I would appreciate it.

One thought on “Request

  1. Well, the good thing about that is that I’ve now found another forum to avoid. Those boys seem real long on criticism and put-downs but real short on any sort of information.
    Oh well. It’s their clubhouse.

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