Defensive Pistol Course


“The police cannot protect the citizen at this stage of our development. It is up to the private citizen to protect himself and his family, and this is not only acceptable, but mandatory.” – Jeff Cooper

Self defense and personal safety should never be taken for granted, and Crusader is committed helping you learn the sk…ills you need to survive an encounter. Our Defensive Pistol course is the most entry-level of all our courses and is structured with the novice and intermediate level student in mind. In this course you’ll learn everything you need to run your pistol efficiently and effectively. From basic safety procedures and guidelines to aiming, proper grip and stance, trigger control, movement and cover, and tactics, we’ll give you the skills and you’ll run the drills. Consistency, accuracy, speed. These are our goals.


* Safety Brief
* General Assessment
* Grip and Stance
* Trigger Control
* Aiming and Accuracy
* Draw and Fire
* Effective Distance
* Movement
* Ground and Cover
* Basic Tactics

This is an entry-level course and as such does not have any prerequisites.

If you have special medical needs, inform us beforehand.


* Handgun of your choice
* Holster of your choice
* 300 rounds of ammo (minimum!)
* Proper eye and ear protection
* Hydration and a light snack
* Appropriate dress for the expected weather conditions.

NOTE that our range facilities are spartan, so if there is a creature comfort you want you will need to bring it yourself. Shade, something to sit on… and of course beverages and snacks. We don’t cater. However, after the course, students and instructors alike have been known to congregate at a local Mexican food restaurant for good food and discussion.

BE PREPARED FOR ANY WEATHER CONDITIONS. We shoot no matter what, rain or shine!
Course Fee is $200. After the course, generally we all go to Cafe Rio and chill out, eat, rehydrate, and talk about things…. we let our hair down.
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Defensive Pistol

Time: 9:00AM Saturday, May 8th
Location: Buckskin Hills Range, Vernal Utah
If you need Slipstream we’ll have some at the course for sale (cash only)

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