What’s the world coming to?

I keep track of how Crusader News is preforming very closely. There’s something I’ve noticed for a while now and I think it’s worth mentioning. Back in 2008 I wrote a post about “Bug Out Bags” or BOB for short. To write this one I looked for quite a while to find a BOB contents list that met my seal of approval. To this day it remains the most viewed post on Crusader News. That really tells me a lot about this country. People are starting to see a more dim future and they’re preparing for it. They’re getting ready to “bug out” if necessary. I think that goes into more than just natural disaster type situations. Yes we’re having more of them than usual, it seems, but I think it goes deeper than that. I think people see the decline in the economy, a government that is making it worse with their socialist agenda, and people are preparing to, if necessary, tell the government to kiss of and head for areas of the country where the growing government intrusion can’t find them.

I could be completely off base with this and I hope I am. I think we see it in more ways than just bug out bags. The increase in firearm and ammunition sales is another. People are stocking up in case the government regulates them out of being able to buy those items.

These are just my personal observations. There is much on this topic that I believe but will never post but what I do post are the things that I truly believe. All I’m saying is keep your eyes open to what’s going around you. Prepare for the worst…and PRAY for the best.

One thought on “What’s the world coming to?

  1. Around town, I used to be thought of as ‘ecentric” because it was well known that I had stashed food and prepared my home for whatever should come along.

    Of late, people are making a point of letting me know that they too are being a little more serious and also asking my opinion about “prepper” topics.

    Nice to know I am not the only one

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