Crusader Firearms Training

I know I’ve already posted about our upcoming course but it’s time for a double tap. Defensive Pistol, This Saturday 0900 hrs Buckskin Hills Range, Vernal Utah. This is shaping up to be a great course. Full but great. There are still a couple slots open so it’s first come first serve. This is our basic course for defending your self with a handgun. It is also the basis for all our pistol courses.

As always we’ll have our Senior Trainer George Hill at the helm. The man has more experience than I can keep track of. He’s always surprising me with, “oh yeah, I use to do that too…” and other such comments. He’s a fantastic trainer and at the range he is the boss no if’s and’s our butt’s. We are also joined by my good friend Zac Hill, another American hero in my book. He comes to us after a couple tours of duty in Iraq. He’s the quiet one of the group…you know what they say about the quiet one…the man can get the job done. Then as always there is myself.

Don’t forget it’s this Saturday (05/08/2010) (for you military types that’s 100508) 0900 hrs. The cost is $200. You’ll need 300 rounds of FMJ, holster, range gear, any food or hydration, and be prepared for anything mother nature throws at us. We train rain or shine, sun or cold. No really bring something for the cold this is eastern Utah we’re talking about here.

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