Personal Armament Podcast

I took a great call today, or what’s left of it (as the GunDoctor, I usually puts in late nights in the shop or getting the word out). Rob from Personal Armament Podcast arranged to give me a ring. We had a great conversation. As you know Crusader is donating a SlipStream ST-3 treatment on his XDM for the 5K Challange he’s attending. I’m really excited about this. This is a great chance to really see what the treatment’s made of. It’s a rough test of any lubricant but this test was made for SlipStream.

Okay, so the call from Rob was really an interview, I’ll admit it. As such it will be part of his broadcast tomorrow (oops it is tomorrow now). It was a great chat. We talked mainly about the SlipStream treatment but touched on the lube itself and how it came to be. We hit a little of everything actually. Anyway it was a great interview, thanks to Rob from Personal Armament Podcast for it (I really appreciate any such opportunity), and a good time was had by all.  Everyone head over and have a listen.

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