Crusader Partisan

The Crusader PARTISAN is a fantastic light weight rifle. It may look “plain Jane” but it has a lot going for it. The MagPul MOE stocks and grips are tough and weighs next to nothing. The MagPul MBUS back up sights (not pictured) are a great addition as well. The chrome lined barrel make cleaning much easier and keep corrosion out of the barrel. The crown jewel of this rifle is the ST-1 permanent Slipstream treatment. The treatment will not rust so as long as you keep moisture from getting under the treatment you have a great corrosion resistance from it. Okay we all know the treatment is purely a lubricant. The best ever put on a rifle. In full auto testing it ran all the ammo immediately available (400 rounds), bone dry, without even a hiccup. So why do we put this on our base line rifle? Because you, our customer, are that important to us. We want you to have the most reliable, ready to roll rifle possible. In this regard the Crusader PARTISAN lives up to it’s name. There really is no better “pick it up and go” defensive rifle.

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