Slipstream STYX

From the murky, blood soaked depths of the river Styx comes a firearm lubricant like no other. The greasy silt was dredged from the bottom of the river and rendered by Hades himself and added to the bile of the damned. Only Crusader Weaponry has been deemed worthy to remove it from the pit of eternal torment. We had it blessed by the paladins of Avalon to remove it’s vial curse. What was left was a dark oil that will resist the flames of Hell yet stick to nothing. Never has such a lubricant been created for any weapon. Slipstream STYX was born. Only Crusader is willing to brave the pit of Hell to bring such a lube.

If we were satisfied with the status quot we wouldn’t be Crusader Weaponry. Slipstream STYX comes from a desire to create a gun oil that will stand up to the arid desert heat. Normal oils thins out when it get’s to hot outside and just runs everywhere. That includes where you don’t want it to go. We still have some testing to do. That’s what our summer carbine classes are for. Keep an eye open. It will be announced, of course, but Slipstream STYX will be hitting our website soon.

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