Crusader Rifle Customer Feedback

Phloto provided in Plebian's post.

This feedback comes to us from WTA member Plebian.

I got to the range today to test the new rifles. It was a very short trip, and the wife and I ran about 100 rounds through each of the rifles. The rifles ran with no issues except two fail to feeds. I mark the mag when the failure to feed happened first, and it also had a fail to feed on its next run. Since it was the same mag causing the problems, and the rifles had no issues with other mags. I eyeballed the mag and the feed lips had got smashed together a bit at some point. I fixed the offending mag and the rest of the trip was smooth sailing. I did lube the rifles really well before we hit the range. It was just impossible for me to run them dry. I have no doubt the treatment works… I just couldn’t run them dry.

The sights were almost dead nuts on with only a 3 click adjustment for the shot group being a little left. We ran some paper targets at 50 and 100 yards. The wife made her 100 target have a severe headache with all 30 rounds in the cranium off hand at 100 yards. Which is why I am really nice to my wife.   I had my sandbags and benched CW-004 to try and establish a shot group at 100 yards. It shot about 2.5″ with the cheapo steel cased Wolf 55 grain FMJ, and it turned in an amazing 10 shot 1.25″ group with Hornady 75 grain BTHP TAP rounds. There were a few half inch 3 shot groups as well off the bag. Which was really amazing to me from such a short little light carbine. The carbine really seemed to like the TAP rounds. I can’t wait to get it out on a longer range. I would have benched the 003, but the wife claimed it. Which I was not allowed to touch since she was busy perforating targets.

I would have stayed longer, but the guy in the next lane had his 300 super ultra duper magnum out sighting it in. It had a nice muzzle break which seemed to help with the recoil, but it made my day very unpleasant. It was still a nice day, but the severe muzzle blast caused my stitches to tell me it was time to leave.

I had two or three guys check out the rifles, and they asked about the company that made em. It was super easy to give them the info wearing a Crusader t-shirt. The website is right on the back.

There were no pics since this was just a get to know the guns trip to the local range. Once the Aimpoint Micros come in and I can really run the rifles full speed. Then there will be a full AAR with pics and a few more thoughts.

Thank you for the great feedback. You really made our day here at Crusader.

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