Slipstream does it all.

Is there anything that Slipstream doesn’t improve??? Maybe steak. Anyway, I wanted to quote one of our new converts to the Slipstream love.

I just wanted to let you guys know that I had a small, but high-powered room fan fail on me, but I got in my head to clean it and lube it Slipstream. Now it works better than ever before. Even on the highest setting, the fan is now a whole hell of a lot quieter than it was out of the box. It’s great on my guns sure, but is there anything that won’t run better with this stuff? Seriously, thanks a lot!

– Chris

Wow, Slipstream does wonders for fans. I may have to try that out this summer.

I just wanted to say that I have no reason to buy other gun lubricants after a friend of mine suggested trying out your product. As soon as I applied Slipstream to my firearms, to say there was a smoothness increase would be an understatement; it is like night and day. After a long day at the range, my Kimber Warrior was as slick as when it was first treated with Slipstream. On a side note, I own a Next Generation Arms AR15 rifle, which is ceramic coated to operate dry and oil-free. Needless to say it is already slick in the operation compared to an untreated AR. Well, I was so impressed with Slipstream, I also applied it to that weapon though it did not require it. Sure enough, the Slipstream difference was noticable, particularly in slinging back the charging handle to chamer a round! Thanks for the great product! I will be trying to spread the word as well as gifting them to my friends and family members!

– Chris

Even does wonders on ceramic coated parts….I knew it would. Get yours HERE, get it today.

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