Chilling Times

Things are getting scary. Well maybe scary for some. Our country is fractured. There are those trying to “fundamentally transform” our great nation, people just trying to get by, those that see what’s going on, and those waking up for the first time. There’s one thing that bothers me. Well the latest thing anyway. We have a president that treats our allies like crap. Obama walking out on the Israeli delegation at the White House. What a slap in the face. Those people were the guest of the American people in the White House and  Obama has the gall to walk out. Is he really that stupid? Wait, don’t answer, we all know the answer to that.

This week we have Israel enforcing their blockade of Gaza. According to the US State Dept. in their warning about traveling to the area:

Israel occupied the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Golan Heights, and East Jerusalem as a result of the 1967 War. Pursuant to negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, the Palestinian Authority (PA) was established in the Gaza Strip and West Bank in 1994. Hamas, a U.S.-designated terrorist organization, took control of the Gaza Strip in June 2007

Okay, that would absolutely cause a difficult situation. Got it. Now with Hamas in control things are even worse. Everyone around Israel wants to nuke them. Non guided rockets are lobbed into Israeli territory with shocking frequency and yet the world tells Israel that they don’t have the right to defend themselves. I for one have had it with other countries wanting to tell sovereign nations what they can and can’t do. Organizations like the the U.N. are totally useless. Now we have a moron in the White House that turns his back on our allies. It wouldn’t matter if it was Germany, France (add appropriate giggles at the mention of those frogs), or Israel. You don’t walk out in the middle of a diplomatic meeting.

Now we have Israel repelling a ship trying to run their blockade. Now, not letting anyone through and taking military action against party crashers is the entire point of having a blockade. So why is the world shocked and upset when the IDF takes over the ship trying to run the blockade just like they said they would? They contacted the captain of the ship and warned them. They were told not to push their luck and yet they did anyway. That makes them fair game.They had their chance and chose to force action against them.

I want to show you both sides of this. First the “peaceful humanitarians”.

Okay, wait…if they have no agenda and are purely humanitarian in nature what are reporters doing on board. If they are in international waters they would have to have a satellite link and therefore planned the whole thing as a propaganda tool. Now did you catch the last few words the reporter said. That’s the point when they would give their name and news organization. Aljazeera….okay so we have the terrorist sponsored propaganda machine on the ship. The world has been played.

Wow. That is a second reporter from Aljazeera. No way. More than one reporter for the same media agency and this wasn’t set up to end badly. You had your people in place to document the whole thing by satellite. They even admitted as much. This was planned from the beginning to end this way.

Let’s see this from Israel’s side.

So they were boarding to set a line and talk to them and were met with deadly force from the “humanitarian activists”. You can clearly see what happened to the IDF and hear what happened in their own words. They were told not to run the blockade and did anyway. Does anyone else feel just a little ticked off?

Holy crap….the “humanitarian aid” included weapons…imagine that. Let’s take a look at other things brought off the ship.

Crude but effective Guerrilla warfare weapon. Just ask the IRA who used it with great effect on the English.
Body armor...What kind of peaceful aid is that meant to be?
Let's see, bino's and spotting scopes. Both used in directing morter and rocket fire. Oh yeah and a rifle scope. What would that be for...a sniper rifle maybe?
These were reportedly taken off of individuals on the ship. They weren't prepared to repel boarders or anything. I thought these were "civilians". Kind of like Hamas are all civilians, right?

Chilling times. Enough said.

4 thoughts on “Chilling Times

  1. Look at the second video, at 2:40. A ‘civilian’ delivering ‘aid’ helping an injured man down the stairs is holding a handgun. As soon as the cameraman realizes the gun is on screen, he turns away. Apparently they didn’t have enough time to edit that part out while they were getting close ups of the injured man’s pained face.

  2. No, I guess he just had a black coat on, other passengers were also wearing gas masks. He’s a ‘peaceful aid worker’ with a handgun.

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