Crusader Adapt a Unit

First let me thank all of you for helping us get Slipstream to or troops in Afghanistan. Our sponsored unit has returned home safely. Well it’s time to pick another unit. I thought about doing the same thing we did last time which was to take on the Armed American Radio sponsored unit. Well I did a little looking and decided to pick a new unit. The problem was which one at which address. I found any soldier dot com. Everything there is one of the unit NCO’s sending in what they need. I found a few that don’t get supplied so the care packages they get are their supply drops. It’s heart breaking.

I’d like to go about this a couple ways.

  1. I want you to take the initiative. Go to and request an address to send a care package too. Yes I want you to support the unit I chose but please just support a unit.
  2. I picked the unit of hard charging Marine Master Sargent Joseph Grabbert. They have a difficult mission (of course no details are given). For a Marine to say they have a difficult mission also means it’s dangerous. They are living in a “newly built base” what that means is that they picked a spot and set up tents…litterally. They do have a gas generator but lets face it they’re loud and can’t be run 24/7. They have nothing to clean clothing with and eat nothing but MRE’s from a bigger tent. They have nothing yet they are out there fighting for OUR safety. I’m not including all the info of course but rest it to say that it melted this tough old birds heart.

So here’s the thing. They have nothing but bullets and dust. I want their rifles to run without fail. Please help us support this unit by buying Slipstream. The added shipping is on me just please help us send Slipstream to these Marines.

Also please send care packages to:

Msgt Joseph Grabbert

attn Any Marine


UNIT 7310

FPO AE 09510-3170

They need powder laundry soap, stain remover, flashlights, flipflops, bar soap, razors, baby wipes, tooth paste and brushes, shaving mirrors. The only chow they have is MRE’s so any non spoiling snack food or candy. Because of their mission they need zip-ties. They will naturally be grateful with anything else you can send. Nothing that needs to be refrigerated though because they don’t have the means to do so.

note that the whereabouts of this unit is not given and only the military knows how to get your packages to them so please use the above address exactly.

2 thoughts on “Crusader Adapt a Unit

    1. Just so everyone knows Mr. Rouse is the father of the last unit we adopted. He has two sons in the Corp. and is the definition of a patriot. Coming from you, Sir all I can say is Thank you. The Rouse family will always be friends of Crusader.

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