I just wanted to say a quick thank you. There are many of you that have already joined our new facebook group dedicated to not just saying the words but actually supporting our troops. We’re only 48 hours in to it an there are already 258 of you that there and committed to sending our troops care packages with needed supplies. There are too many of our warriors out there supplied with little more than bullets.

You know, there is one thing here that ticks me off. Our taxes are too high as it is. Government spending has reached idiotic levels. To get us out of spending wo’s what is their answer? More spending. Even a child can understand that when your wallet is empty there’s nothing left to spend. We have all of this going on and yet our troops fighting for their lives and ours and yet there’s no tax cash to guy these men and women simple things like soap or toothbrushes. If that doesn’t anger you then you need to have your head checked.

That’s why we put Son’s of Thunder together. We want to have a network of people that will send these warriors things that aren’t provided for them by the Obama administration.

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