Galco Avenger + Crusader Reaper

I really hate to do it. No, really I hate to say this…again. The Galco Avenger…don’t like it. Nice duty holster for security work. As a concealment holster of a Glock it doesn’t work well for me. It does as advertised and keeps the grip tight against your side. That is a beautiful thing. The problem with that is the back of the slide is forced to obviously protrude from my shirt. No matter where I move it it’s the same thing. It’s enough that I might as well be using my Sherpa holster. Yeah it’s that bad. So I’m on the watch for a better holster for next summer. With the Utah winters the way they are I’m more than good with the holsters I have.

Next summer…I would prefer not to have something over my t-shirt. I love IWB holsters. I haven’t found a comfortable one for the G23 Reaper. I tried one…It flat out hurt. I wore it for two hours and swore I’d never do so again. I’m open to suggestions.

4 thoughts on “Galco Avenger + Crusader Reaper

  1. For an IWB, I’m trying to decide if I want to save up for an Adams Texas Holster with tuckable clips or a comp-tac minotaur. They cost about the same.

    1. I just checked out the holster by Minotaur. It looks quite well made. I’ll have to think about it against a Crossbreed. I like the idea of Crossbreed’s steel clips though. Knowing me I’d end up breaking the kydex clips on the Minotaur.

  2. Try the Kirkpatrick Undercover, made in Texas. If you prefer Galco, the “CONCEALABLE BELT HOLSTER” or “COMBAT MASTER BELT HOLSTER” are better suited for what you want.

  3. I know what you mean with the Galco. I just bought a owb galco concealable holster and experienced the exact same problem. back of slide sticking right out on my shirt. No way was I going to try to use that holster to conceal! I thought the exact same thing. Only thing I’d use it for would be the range so why not buy a cheap kydex holster then. So, I sent it back and ordered a $22 blade tech. As soon as Milt Sparks starts taking orders in September, I think I’ll put in an order for a VM2. Its perfect for my USP compact so hopefully will function just as well with the G19…

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