Galco N3 Holster

I’ve been carrying my 1911 in the Galco N3 holster for about 2 years no. It’s a good quality holster and I feel that my pistol is very secure in it. My favorite point about it is the fact that I can hide my full size 1911 in that holster better than a Crusader Reaper in a belt holster (but that’s a post in and of itself). The N3 is made of very good materials and is something I would expect from Galco.

I do have a couple things, though that I would fix. It only has one belt loop in the back…that’s it. What ends up happening is the heavy pistol tilts forward and must be readjusted periodically. That can become a real pain for all day carry. The simple fix is just to add another belt loop in the front…no more sliding. Not that the GunDoctor has a lot of pull with Galco but that would be my recommendation to them. I have no doubt that the N3 would be just fine the way it is with a compact of subcompact pistol but not so with a full sized all steel pistol.

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