Concealed Carry Magazine

For those of you that don’t know about them the United States Concealed Carry Association has a monthly publication, Concealed Carry Magazine. It’s fantastic! Many great authors writing on everything from pistol reviews to training techniques. I know this is almost a sacrilege but I would rather read this magazine than anything published by the NRA. In my opinion it’s that good. I first heard about the USCCA from Mark Walters, host of Armed American Radio.  The USCCA and AAR is a potent combination.

To make the magazine better…yours truly is now writing for them. I wont spill the beans on what my first article is about but I will say this, it will be in the October issue. Why tell you this now? Well, because if you aren’t a member you still have time to join and get the October issue. You don’t want to miss this article. This is the Gundoctor at his finest. I personally can’t wait to see the article. So join the USCCA today and get the best Gundoctor article, so far, along with all the benefits of membership and let them know the Gundoctor sent you.

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