Training is a very personal thing. One can go to a different school every month but if the principles learned aren’t practiced on a regular basis they are forgotten and lost. Schedules are tight these days. Especially for those of us with families. I know I find it hard to find the time myself. There are days where by the time the family has calmed down and I can safely practice mag changes or presentations…it’s late enough that all I want to do is go to bed. So, I get it.  It’s difficult. That doesn’t make it any less important. The things we learn during training need to be kept fresh in our minds and practiced until it’s second nature.

Muscle memory is a huge factor, in my mind. Once muscle memory is achieved it must me maintained but makes everything easier. Instead of fumbling for a mag release button our body seems to almost push the release on it’s own. The same goes for malfunction drills, transitions, and even presentation and sight alignment.

So here’s the call. Train on some aspect every day and when you can come train with us. Only we can help you become a CRUSADER.

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