There are a lot of companies out there that are willing to do customizations on AR’s, pistols, and other rifles. The truth of the matter of this is that a very real chunk of them have never worked on actual battle weapons. They’ve never had to make repairs and changes to a weapon that will be used by someone who will take that weapon and immediately take it out to defend their lives and take the fight to the enemy. Now granted there are a lot of them out there that have been in combat themselves. They will easily know what modifications are suitable. I’ll give them that one without blinking. Here at Crusader we have the Gundoctor. He is in fact someone who has dealt with weapons that will go from the armory and to government agents on live missions. He knows what it is to put his seal of approval on a repair or upgrade and have that weapon go to a hard charging warrior who will rely on that weapon in a fight.

This is what sets Crusader apart from the rest of the pack. We have the Gundoctor waiting to do your next customization or repair. Crusader has a large network from which to get internal parts, stocks, even receivers. That’s right we can upgrade your current weapon with the parts you want or we can start from scratch to build the rifle you’ve always wanted.

Glock upgrades. We can hook you up with one of our upgrade packages or we can do any part of the upgrades separately.

Springfield XD’s are great pistols. They’re even better after a Crusader trigger job. Lighter, more crisp, and ready for action.

Duracoat, yeah no one does a Duracoat single color or camo like our very own Gundoctor. This is another situation where no one out there has camoed weapons for combat snipers foot soldiers in the Duracoat market…except for the Gundoctor. No one out there can provide your weapons with a workable camo for your local environment like the Doc. No one.

Are you looking for a modification that you don’t see on our website? Email the Gundoctor at and he can get you a price and a rough turnaround time. So contact Crusader with your needs today.

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