Factory Range Day

Yesterday was the factory rep range day out in Vernal Utah. It was filled with good friends and good times. We had some old friends there like Mr. Ting, a great financial advisor, and my old friend Larry, author of Monster Hunter International. Who can forget the “Mad Ogre” himself out there running the show. Thanks much to Basin Sports for putting on the show. We had some great reps out there. We got to meet most of them and talk Slipstream. Let’s just say that there are some western states reps that are feeling the Slipstream love.  A big shout goes to the Springfield Armory rep. What a great guy. He and his bride brought their home away from home over the night before and we’re in the best spirits of anyone there. They also take the prize for feeling the most Slipstream love.

Other reps came from CZ, Beretta, Savage, and Remington. Who take the trained monkey award…..HK and Browning. Tried talking with them and finally decided it was better to keep my mouth shut….before I shut theirs. Really made me not want to buy an HK (I was eyeing the new P30) or a Browning. If the reps are that rude then why bother. I guess it’s like the saying goes,”Any trained body emerges above a wonder”.

I have to admit that everyone else was a pleasure to be around so we just ignored everyone else. We even made the trip over to Basin Sports to say goodbye to the Mad Ogre before we left. He even took a goodbye photo of “the clan”. Good day…good day.

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