Don’t use

We’ve been using for our credit card processing since our redone site came online. A few months ago they decided to look at adding a new bank so transactions would go faster.What a disaster.

The first one moved deposit times from 7-10 days (2-7 is advertised on their site) to 10-14 days. They switched banks…one month…not 2-7 but one entire month when they finally sent a check. So they switched again. Did it get better….nope. It’s another whole month and I just got the batch from the first two week of August. I got them on the phone today after trying to get both a phone and email response from them for 2 weeks. I explained my situation. They said they couldn’t do anything. Said their records showed that it would be in my bank in 7 business days. They said that 2 weeks ago too. I told the guy that I didn’t trust his records and HE HUNG UP ON ME. WTF.


we’re in the process of switching companies as we speak.

2 thoughts on “Don’t use

  1. You’re not the first with that experience. I took a hard look at Gpal recently to consider using it in the company I work for, but found LOTS of stories like yours.

  2. Welcome to the “GPal ripped me off” Club. Contact the fellow to add your name to the club roster:

    Carl Chapman, Supervising Inspector
    Marin County District Attorney’s Office
    Northern California Computer Crimes Task Force
    455 Devlin Rd. Suite 207
    Napa, CA 94558
    (707) 265-2372

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