I wish I could do more

I got a call today. A very nice lady was trying to get in contact with someone that can fix her husbands shotgun. It was just a basic over and under but the top firing pin was broken. Not a problem right? I told her I would be glad to do the work. Then she dropped the bomb. Her husband is leaving for a hunting trip early Wednesday morning. So essentially they need the gun tomorrow night at the latest. No one she had called had the needed part in stock…nor do I. So there’s basically no way to get the part here in time. Even overnight…usually you can count on a half to a full day to process the order and it is shipped the next morning. That still puts the part arriving the day of his hunt.

There’s a moral to this story. I’d love to help her out and the last thing I want if for someone to miss out on a hunting trip. However, if your gun is broken please DO NOT wait until the week you’re leaving to take your firearm in to a smith. Common parts are easily enough kept on hand. Things that rarely break, like firing pins, are rightly rarely kept on hand. Also, no smith can keep every part for every gun on hand. When asked if there would be anyone that would have on on the shelf I had to tell her that internal parts usually aren’t for sail for that type of shotgun on anyone’s shelf. There’s just too little call for such a thing.

So PLEASE don’t wait till the last minute to get your firearms fixed.

3 thoughts on “I wish I could do more

  1. You could always offer to machine a new one from scratch and charge appropriately, right? Probably be cheaper to buy a new shotgun for the trip though.

      1. I am co-owner of a small machine shop. We constantly have customers doing the same thing with waiting until the very last minute to fix something for a needed big event or project.Due to the invention of the copy machine, most customers have no idea how long it takes to make a custom part, especially when there is no part to reverse engineer even there……

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