John Farnam Quip on Gear

31 Aug 10

Test your gear, particularly after you’ve “tweaked’ it. This from an LEO friend and colleague:

“Like you, I like ky-dex holsters, particularly those made by Comp-Tac, Brian Hoffner, and Tim Wegner. Occasionally, however, they require maintenance.

This morning, I noticed one of the screws had worked loose on my IWB C/TAC Holster. I grabbed the allen-wrench, kindly supplied by Comp-Tac, tightened the screw that was loose, tightened the others while I was at it, placed the holster inside my belt, holstered my pistol, and glibly headed off for work.

All was well until I had to use the restroom. I unhappily discovered that my holster wanted my pistol more than I did. It refused to let my pistol go! Yes, I had inadvertently over-tightened the screws.

Fortunately, I was not confronted with this issue during a tactical episode!

Of course, I soon had the matter resolved, but it was a lesson, well-learned!”


(1) Don’t work on your equipment when you are distracted. Pay attention to what you’re doing!
(2) Test your gear! When you make a change in your equipment, double, and triple-check the results.

We are blessed with a current generation of tactical equipment that is so well-made and reliable that we get lazy, and take flawless dependability for granted.

Do so at your peril!


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