The information I am about to post I did not gather. It is unfortunate and I hope none of it is true. gpal was the only paypal like company that was gun friendly. I am not fact checking this information because I don’t have the ability to do so. I will be posting the URL to the original source at the end of it.

A little background is in order so what follows is understandable.

GPal’s agreement page and web pages state they are not a bank, they operate by pooling all of the funds of the members of GPal into one or more FDIC pass through insured bank accounts. The money goes in and out of the account(s) via Automated Clearing House transfers, meaning via a system the banks use to move money. Including credit cards and bank transfers. For clarification, that FDIC pass through insurance only covers the GPal bank account(s) if their bank folds, not the members if GPal folds.

The key here is the GPal bank account(s) with the pooled money. Also important is the ACH transfers take 3-4 bank days. Both in and out of the account(s).

What follows is from public records available to anyone online.

On 05 Mar 2008 in Santa Rosa Municipal Court, Sonoma County, CA American Express Centurion Bank received a judgement against Benjamin Cannon for $8,436.00 (Case #2008019692).

On 29 Apr 2008 in Santa Rosa Municipal Court, Sonoma County, CA American Express Centurion Bank received a judgement against Benjamin Cannon for $33,143 (Case #2008038742).

Both of these cases became liens against Mr. Cannon.

Public property tax records indicate Ben Cannon has never owned any real estate. Anywhere. The public phone book shows he lives with his parents. Confirmed by 2010 arrest information for which the charges subsequently were dropped. Ignore this arrest, it’s irrelevant, meaningless, and distracts from the issue, GPal.

The liens remained in force as Mr. Cannon did not pay them, and American Express did not locate any assets worth seizing.

When Mr. Cannon opened the GPal bank account (singular) where the pooled money of members would be temporarily maintained until paid to intended recepients, apparently he was unaware the contents of that account would be subject to seizure to pay off the two liens. His story about the bank lying to him may have been a contributing factor, if it’s true. GPal’s track record in this mess has not been consistent reliable truth. Not slander, a fact I also experienced personally on more than one occasion.

Had the account had $41,579.00 or more in the account when it was opened, it would have just lost the money owed American Express by Ben Cannon. If the account did not have this money, American Express would start seizing the money being deposited in the account via the ACH transfers, with the result being the ACH payouts wouldn’t happen. Which sounds a lot like what we have been seeing.

A pause for a moment, there’s more.

I don’t know Ben Cannon or any of his investors, friends, or fellow employees at GPal. I do not want this coming across as an attack on Ben or anyone else. Had they said it, I wouldn’t have had to investigate them. No one paid me to investigate them, I did it on my own. But I do have a California PI License (Mock Investigations Lic #PI 26431) and my work is limited to corporate investigations and identifying and locating all parties involved. I developed certain investigative abillities during a carreer as a cop (now retired) that have helped me in retirement.

Now that I’ve been honest, I expect someone to try to shoot the messenger. But, my integrity doesn’t allow me to post something like this without putting my name on it and who I am. It’s bugged me Gpal VP hasn’t been indicating his name in his communication. No offense, I just have a different approach to damage control, or lack thereof. And I’ll tell you upfront I was forciby retired after 19 years on an industrial disability retirement for post trauma stress disorder and concerns on the PD’s side that I’d gone nuts and was a danger to many. Wife divorced me, I went bankrupt (out of it now). That’s all there is to find on me. I may be 5150, but I’m not a criminal.

Back to GPal.

$41,579 doesn’t seem like it would set GPal back too far, and cause the amount of money they now owe people. Until you examine the ACH system delay of 3-4 days and money being seized out of the account on more than one occasion over a period of time, as it comes in.

The amount of time it is taking for GPal to pay the people they owe money is a big clue as to how long and how much that hit on the bank account set them back.

In a previous post on this thread I made the statement GPal is robbing Peter to pay Paul. Take a look at the response by GPal VP and ask yourself, did he address the statement in a professional manner befitting a professional online financial operation. Also, his reaction confirmed to me in my mind my statement had some truth to it. Otherwise I wouldn’t have been attacked and his response would have been a lot less emotional and more professional. Why would their website say nothing of any of this and continue to operate like business as usual, when they know the money coming in will not be paid out for months?

Damage Control

Obviously GPal has been doing damage control.

That bank account taking a hit could have been dealt with in 3 ways. Find another investor to cover the losses until they can catch up. Declare bankruptcy. Neither of these have happened, which takes us to the third option. Conitinue taking in ACH transfers form new transactions to pay the money owed from the earlier transactions and hope business continues enough to recover the $41,579 with the money GPal charges. And keep trying to find someone to invest in them to help them catch up.

FYI, Ben has never filed for bankruptcy, has never been sued in Federal Court, and has no Federal arrest records. Ditto GunPal and Gpal. Ditto Ben’s previous companies that are now no longer in business, some of which their corporate license was suspended, one of which is a partnership in a construction company that’s still active but has had their State license revoked for something related to failure to pay Worker’s Comp insurance. All of this is public records anyone can verify, if you know where to look.

If GPal had the money in their bank account, which is still ACH enabled in both directions, the transfers would go through. No bank takes money into an account and not pay out, unless there is a darn good legal reason for it. Now, after the liens have been collected, as the money comes in from new transactions, they are able to pay you. Their gamble is they will be able to catch up before everyone stops doing business with them.

After this event broke, GPal was able to issue checks which they mailed via FedEx. Clearly they had access to funds not accessible to American Express, as the checks didn’t bounce. When those funds dried up, they stopped issuing checks and went back to stall tactics. I’ll leave it to you to figure out where the money for the checks may have come from.

They may have changed banks or started another account, as one phone rep indicated to me, by someone other than Ben Cannon.

Step back and take a good honest look at all the damage that’s happened that no one other than GPal has been responsible for. Significant would be an understatement. And who has it happened too? People who are gun owners and want GPal as an option. Have you seen anything from GPal or their management that takes ownership of these problems? Most of what I have seen has been blaming it on someone or something else. Why? Think about it.

A note about public records. Not every city, county, and state makes their court records available to the public. Federal records, yes. There may have been other liens, but I did not find any in the public records.

I do not know what started the lawsuit by American Express Centurion Bank against Ben Cannon. According to Hoover’s … “A subsidiary of credit card and travel giant American Express, the company issues and services its parent company’s revolving credit cards, including the Blue, Blue Cash, and Blue Sky cards. (Revolving cards carry no annual fees, but levy finance charges on revolving balances.) The bank also issues consumer charge cards, raising funds for all of its lending activities by selling short- and medium-term debt and securitized assets. It offers CDs to retail and institutional customers as well. The company mainly markets its cards via direct mail, the Internet, and television.”

I cannot and do not do credit history checks.

All of this is just public information. I’ve avoided putting addresses, phone numbers, or making threats. My belief is those who think they can try to “get even” don’t comprehend there is no such thing. All that can be done by that behavior is to make things even more uneven. Leave Ben alone. Either do business with him, or don’t. Your choice.

What I don’t understand is why Ben and GPal didn’t just explain what happened. Clearly they have a lot of people who want to support them and have GPal survive. Myself included. Their version of damage control leads me to believe there are more things someone at GPal does not want known.

I don’t know anywhere near everything about GPal or Ben Cannon. The window I have looked through does not provide inside information that might clarify some of this.

I’ve seen enough for myself that I do not put any trust in GPal’s CEO to operate a business like I would like to see GPal become. Just my opinion, best thing that could happen, even if all of this can be explained, is someone who is capable and experienced with the banking industry and online ACH transfers to buy Cannon out and take over the business. The damage that’s been done, GPal may or may not recover financially. It’s moot to me, they’ve lost my trust.

Jim Mock
Torrance, CA

Again this is not information I personally gained (nor do I hold any responsibility for it) but thought it was worth sharing so it can be corroborated by others. If you can refute or confirm this information please let me know.

5 thoughts on “gpal

  1. The administrator at has been Ben’s biggest champion through this GPal fiasco, Ben’s arrest for impersonating a police officer and whenever anyone on that forum (or any other forum) has dug a little into Ben Cannon’s resume and posted similar allegations. The administrator let the post remain, made a neutral comment and then locked the thread. That speaks volumes. The every other time this sort of thing has happened with Ben Cannon the people at CalGuns have thrown a hissy fit calling the person a liar. This time, confronted with a post like this from a real PI with real contact info, the administrator shuts up, locks the thread and just hopes it goes away. Part of the reason is, of course, that the administrative staff at already know most of what the private investigator posted.

    There’s a huge 40 page thread at Cast Boolits where people have dredged up similar findings. Ben Cannon is a liar and a fake and the people that run and are part of the Calguns Foundation have known about it for a long time and chosen to support him anyway. I’d like to know why.

  2. There are forum posts galore over at, see:

    It appears as if many people were left holding the bag – an empty one at that – while waiting to have their money returned to them. At best, it would seem to me, G-pal was a very amateurishly run operation that was doomed to failure because of incompetence. I will not say what I think it was in reality because I will respect your blog by not printing it here.

    All the best,
    Glenn B

  3. Well, with their current BBB raiting of “F”

    and the hundreds of non-payment complaints currently being investigated by:

    Carl Chapman, Supervising Inspector
    Marin County District Attorney’s Office
    Northern California Computer Crimes Task Force
    455 Devlin Rd. Suite 207
    Napa, CA 94558
    (707) 265-2372

    you can, as they say, do your DD judge for yourself.

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