I have a few things to touch on so lets get right to it.

I have Slipstream up on in the following ways. The oil is up individually, as is the grease. We also have them up as a ‘Set’ formally known as a kit. We’re excited about this and invite you to go check it out and pick up some Slipstream while you’re at it.

You can also get some Slipstream over at our website. Our ‘add to cart’ buttons are active once again. We’re also excited about this because now you, our customer, has more choices.

The weapon page has lost the cart buttons. We decided to go this route because we want to further our image as a custom rifle builder. We want to work on your firearms no matter what you want done. If you want one of our models, you want to upgrade an existing rifle, or you want a completely custom build we’re here to help you get the firearm of your dreams. Just as a reminder all upgrades and complete rifles come with out ST-1 Slipstream treatment.

Also for any of our Law Enforcement readers, we are prepared to get you set up as an individual or as a department with rifles made to your specifications. Name one other maker willing to build your department rifles the way they want them, all will come with out ST-1 Slipstream treatment, and still give you a killer LE discount. (Crickets chirping) Yeah, that’s what I thought. You take care of us and keep our streets safe. Let Crusader take care of you.

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