More Guns = Less Crime????

Okay, I know that this will mean nothing to the liberals among us. I searched the liberal media and couldn’t find any hint of this report and that angers me. I think what gets under my skin the most is the fact that the media doesn’t care that they aren’t doing their job. Not that this is anything new but lets face it, we’re all tired of the media being complacent in hiding the truth from the US people.

Now that I’ve had my little rant here is the point of the story. The FBI has finished up their report on crime comparing 2008 to 2009. What they found needs to be sent nation wide and taken seriously but, as mentioned above, the media wont publish this because it’s not “P.C.”. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Anyway the results show that gun ownership went way up. Now if you’re a liberal that would mean that it must be the wild west in the streets…right? That couldn’t be further from the truth. They actually found that crime has taken a nice little drop. What kind of drop? I’m glad you asked.

Chart is from the FBI website.

Wow, say it ain’t so mommy! I know, I know. The level of gun sales during the past year is nothing short of terrifying to the left wing nut jobs. But the facts are the facts. Here is an expanded chart too big for this page with the actual collected crime numbers. This isn’t an NRA study. There is no bias in putting this together. The FBI has to put this together no matter who is in office. This is nothing but the facts. More homes filled with law abiding firearm ownership prevents crime. Let’s look at it this way. If you were bad guy “X” which house would you break into? The one with the 30 year old body building “mall ninja” that doesn’t believe in guns…or the house with the 80 year old grandmother that sleeps with her 12 gauge next to her bed? Lets see I’m not sure….

Folks, there is real evil in this world. You DESERVE to survive evil. When evil knocks at your door, walks up to your car, or enters where ever you may be you have the right to defend your life, your family’s lives, and the lives of perfect strangers. If you don’t think carrying a weapon for your own defense is the thing for you, great. But I bet you have a girlfriend/boyfriend, wife, son, daughter, mother, father, or sibling that deserves to have you come home safely EVERY day NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES. So, do the right thing for yourself and those that love you. Firearm ownership doesn’t put a bulls-eye on your head…it redirects it to those who are a weaker target.

One thought on “More Guns = Less Crime????

  1. Being an employee of a gunshop, it gives me a warm, tingly feeling watching gun sales skyrocket (due to past elections, state of the nation, etc.). Yes, for the job security, but more importantly, that people are waking the hell up! The ultra-liberal sheep wouldn’t believe just how many people walk around every day, “printing” through their shirts. In my beloved state, we are one of the last among the country that don’t require a CWP. No, I don’t have a “sheepdog job”, but do take delight in arming sheep every day, who have decided to start pulling their heads out of the sand. Great website, great discussion, thanks! -Just Another Sheepdog-

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