The “Sheepdogs” are waiting.

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while now. Something that I think deserves to be written for the benefit of the sheep. We’ve all read the narrative of the sheepdogs but it goes deeper than that. I started thinking it through after watching Fox news one night. During the discussion I realized just how deep the relationship goes. Lets just start into this.

As before the sheep in this world are just regular folks. They are living their lives and getting by as best they can. There is nothing wrong with this and no dishonor in being a sheep. They are the majority living the life GOD intended. For the most part they are intelligent but ignore the warning signs around them. They have very few natural defenses and prefer to do little more than complain about being victimized.

There are a few among them, however, that are starting to wake up. They have their head on a swivel and are starting to become politically active for the first time. These are those that have been perfectly happy just going through their lives knowing they will be taken care of and that the flock is fairly secure and well managed. They love their flock and have been happy sheep. These sheep are now noticing the warning signs. They see that there are not only the wolves that are being kept at bay but now there are wolves in sheep’s clothing among the flock. These sheep are awake and trying to warn the others but there are many sheep that just want to ignore danger and go about their lives. Make no mistake the wolves in sheep’s clothing have been slowly working their way among the sheep for a very long time. They are not there because they have had a change of heart and want to be part of the flock. This isn’t Disney. The wolves in sheep’s clothing are there to devour the flock but most sheep choose to ignore their natural instincts because they are much too smart to be fooled by the tricks of a wolf. Or so they think.

Carpathian Shepherd dog

There’s another group among the sheep. These are the sheepdogs. The protectors of the flock, once revered and given places of honor among the sheep, the Sheepdogs have slowly been pushed to the outskirts of the flock. The sheepdog is now seen as a creature not to be allowed in polite society, something to be feared, and something to be disarmed. You see, a sheepdog is something breed with wolves in order to be strong and fearsome enough to defend the flock from the wolves. These days when the sheep see their protectors all they are reminded of is the wolf. After all they look similar to a wolf, they have vicious teeth like a wolf, why shouldn’t the flock fear such an animal. If the sheep only knew the deep devotion and love the sheepdog bore for them.

Because of the devotion of the sheepdog he patrols in the shadows ever watchful for the wolf. The big question is, does the sheepdog know about the wolves in sheep’s clothing among the flock? Absolutely. However, the flock is so afraid of their protectors that they wont allow the sheepdog to rid the flock of the wolves among them. And so the sheepdog waits for the wolves in sheep’s clothing to reveal themselves. Then and only then will the flock call on their devoted guardians. Until then the sheepdog watches, prepares, and trains for the eventual fight with the wolves.

There is one other aspect to consider.

Counsiling with the shepherd.

With the unique prospective the sheepdog has we also have a different type of relationship with the Shepherd. Even though “the good Shepherd” is there and is aware he still needs to hear the concerns of the sheepdogs HE has trusted to watch over his flock. The flock is naive and brings concerns for greener pastures all day long. It must be deafening. HE only hears our warnings if we voice them.

That’s enough preaching. You know what I’m trying to get across.


A note to the awakened sheep. We sheepdogs may not be in favor with the flock. They may look down on us and despise what we are but we will never be far away. We will always keep watch. We will never abandon our post. We will always be READY to do our job. We may be pushed to the tree line and in the shadows but this is also our element. When the wolves are ready to strike we will be the figures darting out of the shadows to defend you with our very lives.


To the sheepdogs, you know you are not alone. There are more than enough of us to do our jobs. You may be the only sheepdog in your neck of the woods but the rest of us are not far away. Train hard. Prepare. The flock and what it stands for will not fall with us to defend it.

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