Can’t believe it

I can’t believe I put a new video together and forgot to post it here. I must be loosing it or something. I’m excited about this video because I used pictures of our Partisan rifle by the famous firearm photographer Oleg Volk. The pictures are fantastic and needed to be shared. So her it is.

We are a unique firearm shop. You can feel free not only to buy one of our rifle models but also change anything on the rifle. You’ll notice the rifle in the video has an upgraded flash hider, optics, and more. All of this is available at Crusader. To help you get the rifle you want we’ve also changed our buying process. Instead of only having a buy now button we changed it to point you to contact us. This way we can directly discuss any additions or configuration changes you would like to make. Say you want a different barrel, handguard, and a DuraCoat camo job on your rifle. We can set you up from the beginning with everything you want on the rifle. Not only that but we put you directly in contact with the “GunDoctor” who is the man that will build your rifle, Slipstream it, and do any other modifications. Why do we do it this way? Because unlike a big box store Crusader understands that serving our customers on a personal level is more efficient and allows you to have any questions or concerns addressed by the man building your rifle and not an anonymous agent in India. We want you to be excited about your purchase through the entire process. So come to Crusader Weaponry for your next firearm purchase and be treated the way deserve to be treated.

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