I’m really concerned about the way things are going in our country. A couple years ago the talking heads were telling us the voting (R) was basically like rolling down a gental hill towards progressive programs while voting (D) was like falling off a cliff. Then everyone voted (D) and we got Obama. Little did we know what that would bring. A flood unions, socialists, communists, and just general dirt bags. I’ve said all along that Obama wasn’t his own man. He may have a fancy education but I think he smoked enough weed to burn all of that education out of his brain. He simply isn’t qualified enough, experienced enough, or smart enough to do the job required of a US president without being a puppet. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that he was a really high quality Muppet and his Blackberry is just the remote control devise.

The new scanners the airports are using is a travesty.  Their justifying porn creation and  sexual assault as necessary for a safe airline flight. They’re making sure even the pilots go through these invasive checks. Do these people not know that some time they are going to get a husband or dad that simply wont put up with his wife or children being subject to such degrading treatment and end up beating the crap out of some TSA employee? Now let me say this one thing about the TSA. These people are only doing the job they are tasked with. Can you imagine working there and being told, “hey Frank, go stroke that sweaty fat man’s crotch”. That would be an instant bad day. Personally I would walk off the job the first mention they made that I should do their “enhanced pat down”. The person requiring them to do this has to be a complete pervert.

I just listened to a short interview with the head of Israel’s airline security. That is where we should be headed. Let’s hire our returning soldiers who are already trained to look a person in the eye and verbally verify the individual and their trip. Wouldn’t that be a change you could believe in? Someone competent that can get a gut reaction of a person rather than a kiddie porn creating machine.

One thing I do need to amend. Yesterday I posted a video on facebook that I just learned wasn’t new. New to youtube but not new. In fact it turns out that the video, taken by a “news man” was actually about three years old. Now what kind of dirt bag takes a three year old cell phone video and uses it in his broadcast as breaking news? No excuses though, I didn’t do my homework on that one so you have my apologies.

The more I listen to the news the more I think our government is TRYING to piss us off. I think the progressive trash among us would love to have us rioting in the streets so they could step in to save the day. Have to keep the peace right? Well that would be great if they didn’t create the problem in the first place.

Maybe this is just my ranting…

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