Freedom is something most people in this world don’t have.  It is also something that we here in America are loosing at an alarming rate. Most people can’t even define it as anything meaningful. We saw a rise of this in the 1960-1970’s. They did and still define freedom as the ability to commit whatever acts they want, tread on any land they want, as seen at Woodstock, and to force others to abide by their sense of morality (usually meaning the general lack of it). The problem with that is they ignore the gravity of the term.

Freedom is anything but free. It’s bought and paid for by the blood of the fallen and the souls of the brave. Freedom isn’t given by any man or man made government. We loan some of our GOD given rights to the government who is, in return, meant to safeguard our freedom.

There has always been those, watchmen on the towers, that have kept an eye on the dealings of our government. After so long, having nothing to do, they fell asleep. For too long they have slept on the ramparts letting well meaning and evil men alike do as they will with our freedom.

For too long we’ve had progressives claiming to want only “progress”. Their brand of progress comes only as they see fit and everyone else will either fall in place or be plowed under their boot. This has nothing to do with freedom. They seek only control over the masses. They seek to take away a man’s right to choose his own path in order to have some grand ideal that is just socialism in disguise.

All they want is equality right? Is that not something worthy of pursuing? Men are here to see what good they can accomplish. To see if they can live up to their creators expectations and desires. One can not do that if they are not able to excel or fail according to their individual efforts. A man that works hard all his days to accomplish works that furthers the state of his family can not be made equal with he that does nothing with his life without making a beggar of the successful man. Unless a man is allowed to achieve things in his life he is not truly free and the sacrifice made by those that bled for freedom is wasted.

More than once have American men bled for the freedom we take for granted and sit idly by while it get’s washed away. The watchmen, known to some as sheepdogs, appear to be waking up when in fact we never slept. Though the ramparts are now bare and the watchmen pushed to the shadows we still our post. We are starting to see  people finally fed up with political correctness and are willing to name things as they are. The true meaning of freedom is coming back to this country because enough people realize that with freedom comes responsibility.

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