New Reads

So, I picked up a couple Gabe Suarez books recently. It started out as just wanting to bring something to the table for our Designated Marksman course. Don’t get me wrong, the MadOgre has it well in hand and needs nothing from me to do this course. He’s amazing with a rifle. I simply wanted to feel like less of a range safety monkey. Not a whole lot for us assistance to do when everyone’s in the prone most of class. So, a little reading should bring me up to speed…right? Well they arrived and I’m only about 20 pages into the first book and I’m really impressed. The stones it took to write these books…staggering. You see it’s written from the prospective of the Partisan Sniper. No, not the police or military sniper, the Partisan. This is the 2nd Amendment at it’s finest. If the average citizen had to defend his community here’s how to serve a particular function. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the books. Only 20 pages in and there is already an incredible amount of information.

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