Thanks to the faithful

Over Christmas I got a call from my good friend over a Blue Ridge Arsenal, one of our Slipstream dealers. We had the usual exchange of holiday greetings but that wasn’t what set this call apart. Don’t get me wrong the call just to say Merry Christmas was greatly appreciated. However, the rest of the call gave me reason to thank some of you out there. My friend had a gentleman come from several states away, presumably for the holidays. He had read on our website that Blue Ridge was one of our dealers and went in to see them. While he was there he bought 6 bottles of Slipstream from them. So, thank you so much for supporting our dealers. We promote them carrying Slipstream as best we can and am very happy that it is paying off.

Our dealers are able to directly educate their customers as to what products they need and we are ecstatic that they are telling them about Slipstream. So keep up the good work guys and once again THANK YOU to that customer for supporting our dealers.

2 thoughts on “Thanks to the faithful

  1. That’s awesome news. I wish you could send a free sample out to everyone because after trying it, they wouldn’t want to use anything else.

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