“War on COPS”

Okay, I realize that I’m slow on the trigger with this one but I have some thoughts that need to get out on this subject. The thought of our police coming to a conclusion that there is a war on them by sickos everywhere is an atrocity. I am completely disgusted by this. These men and women are out there risking their lives to make our communities a safer place and now they feel like there’s a war against them. Is there no shame left in this country?

Our local officers need to know that we still support them. They need to know that if it came down to it that we would have their back. My first concealed carry instructor said he had been saved, on a few occasions, by his own CCW students. Where have those days gone?

Here’s what I’m asking all of you to do. Don’t worry it wont take much effort. When you see a police car around you just smile and give a little wave. Some of them may even be shocked. I grew up being taught that this should be how we treat our local officers. Back in small town Oregon most cops noticed if they were being waved at. They recognized that it was a show of support. Were I am now….it’s a different story. Very few notice anything but cars around them because the people in them are too busy trying not to get a ticket for their rude driving to support the police officer driving by. Attitudes like that have to stop with those of us that value our local police and appreciate what they do for us.

So, come on, give them a break. Give them a friendly smile, nod, wave, or hand shake.

Just as a little reminder of current events. If the hippies decided to riot in your city what would you do? Would you just sit back and watch it unfold on FOX wishing someone else would do something about it? Would you join the riot, whether you agreed with the reason behind it or not? Or would you be willing to stand side by side with your local police to help protect your community from a bunch of raving morons? I would hope most of you that read this blog would stand with your police. Here’s the thing. They have a job to do. Their views don’t matter, they have a city to protect from said raving morons. They can’t look at it from a political perspective. They have to see the potential for damage of private property, looting, and possible loss of life that they are sworn to protect. It’s a rule of law issue for them. So getting pissed off and attacking cops is stupid. They’re on your side, most of the time, until you cross the wrong line. Shooting a cop isn’t just casually stepping across that line. It’s shooting the line with a bazooka.

There are a lot of you who have been preparing yourselves in case of a disaster or other such events. You know as well as I do that you will end up standing shoulder to shoulder with these people so show them some support now.

When times get tough it’s good to know that we have courageous men and women out there willing to protect the rule of law. That is, after all, the reason for the founding of our country. We needed to get away from the rule of men (king) and to the rule of law where everyone has an equal chance to achieve something in life. So support they who are there to keep away the unlawful elements of our society. Stand with them.

Alright I don’t need to beat the proverbial dead horse any longer I think you have the idea. Please comment here whether you agree or disagree. Either way we need to start discussing this if we’re going to make a difference.

5 thoughts on ““War on COPS”

  1. Name anyone else that we routinely encounter in our day-to-day lives that the first reaction is fear.

    Hundreds of thousands of these people are out there, every one of them with effectively absolute ability to take our liberty or our life. The laws are so complex that any of us can be prosecuted at any instant if they need a legitimate excuse – and if they don’t need an excuse, they enjoy the blind support of their colleagues and the blind trust of a legal system that is all but a rubber stamp for their actions – and we should give them a friendly smile and a wave?

  2. It really depends on your location.
    Around here, cops are jerks, 9 1/2 out of 10 of them act like they are superior to the average citizen, and more than 2 I’ve heard say as much. They go out of their way to generally be jerks to nearly everyone and nearly everyone dislikes them.
    Were the culture within the department different hell who knows.

    I’ll tell you what though, I’d step in to save a state trooper if I thought he needed it. Those guys are consummate professionals and I even go shooting with a couple of them. I’d probably not even slow down for a local boy.

  3. In reality, not all cops out there are truly good guys, you run into some once in a while that are corrupt. However, the cops in general that I have ran into on the streets are really awesome people and very intelligent. They’re great to have around and in most cases are our neighbors, friends, and sometimes even family members. Get to know your local police and sheriff’s officers. Let them know you are there to help if needed too in an emergency. The reason some officers seem paranoid is due to all of the things they hear on tv with officers being shot and killed etc. They most likely have a family to go home to so they’re doing everything they can to be safe so they make it through their shift and can go home to their loved ones.

    1. I agree. Not every one of them is a saint. We had one give my wife a ticket for not stopping at a stop sign when i was in the car and in fact she did stop. He hid behind his badge and called her a liar to her face with me sitting there. I knew we’d get more hassle if I said anything so we’re just going to fight the ticket. That’s the only one I’ve met in Utah, so far. The rest have been very professional.

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