We’ve been looking at the new A-TACS camo pattern for a while now. I have some thoughts about it. The pattern itself isn’t the compilation of the colors used. This pattern is all about the process those colors are combined. I knew it was going to be a great thing the first time I saw it. You see, this pattern is put together the same way I do camo. The method is everything. I can use this same method, change the colors around and it’s no longer a desert pattern but still works just as well. A-TACS is incredible. This is what the digital patterns were trying to accomplish but only can at a good distance. A-TACS does this standing next to it. A good friend of mine told me he had a hard time focusing on it while we stood there looking at it on a mannequin.

We had a request for an A-TACS duracoat. I’m always up for a new duracoat pattern. The pictures aren’t great but I can’t touch the parts since they are still wet. I’ll update the pictures later. In fact I’m thinking about doing my personal rifle in this pattern. You can rest assured that there will be more A-TACS to come.

This shot will be updated when I can touch the parts
Had to get a CW in there. It's not obvious but still tags the job as coming from Crusader.
Ok, another CW on the handguard to mark our territory.

4 thoughts on “A-TACS Camo

  1. What color combinations of duracoat did you use for the A-TACS camo? How did you apply it to get the effect that A-TACS camo pattern has?Nice work by the way! I wanted to do my rifle in multicam, but I like A-TACS way better.

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