Broadsword Photo Shoot

This week we had a photo shoot with Oleg Volk. We took a couple Broadswords over and went to work. It went well and I thought I’d show off a few pictures. Oh, and we got some shots to update the website with too. Many thanks to our new friends at Third Echelon Investigations for showing off our rifles in style.

* Oleg still has some editing to do to make some of his famous adds from this photo shoot. We can’t wait to see them. We discussed a couple while we were there. They will be epic in the end.


When a friend needs your support...don't forget your Broadsword.
A Broadsword is all you need.
Bring then in...or bring them down with a Crusader Broadsword

7 thoughts on “Broadsword Photo Shoot

    1. The models came with their own AUSCAM. Personally I think it looks obnoxious on the guy with all the mismatched gear but that wasn’t something I had control over at this shoot.

  1. I had 3-color desert cammies, but someone made the decision to go with the Aussie stuff. And my mismatched gear is actually my camping rig (notice there are no rifle mag pouches) but all I had in kinda desert-looking colors.

    1. I remember you mentioning that. It gave you two matching trousers so I left it alone. All in all I’m really happy with the way they turned out. You two really made the shoot completely awesome, though. Many thanks, bro.

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