Little something I’ve been working on

So there’s a little project I’ve been wanting to do. The only thing holding me back is time, or lack thereof, and needing some knowledge to finish it up with. Well there’s a good friend of mine that just happens to be the key to this little project.

What is this project? Well, I’ve been wanting to build 1911’s under the Crusader name. It’s something the “ogre” and I have been tossing around from the beginning. I can certainly build a good 1911. The finesse of fine tuning one is something I need some work on. Well I have a fix for that problem. You see a good friend of mine just happens to be a master smith that apprenticed at Wilson Combat. The man knows everything there is to know about building a fine 1911. If there’s anyone that can build a Crusader worthy 1911 it is my friend Paul.

So that leaves us with a little problem. Paul is in Virginia….yeah, that’s why we haven’t done anything about this. Well that may not be as much of a problem as previously thought. Paul approached me with a proposal last night. To start out with he is building up a pistol for us to shoot, photograph, and do a write up. From there we will leave it to you. We have the best 1911’s on planet earth to offer you. We will work out pricing with Paul and he will build them there in Virginia (we’ll add our logo here) until such a time when we can bring Paul out here to build for us full time.

One thing we are also able to offer is the ability to convert your stock pistol into a full custom, perfectly tuned 1911 that your friends will drool over and covet until they have one of their own.  Stay tuned and we’ll have more info for you.

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