New Option

I have been working on this since SHOT Show. I met the incredible young man (owner of Adams Holsters) and his bride that just impressed the heck out of me by the work he does. The level of craftsmanship was  unmatched. We’ve worked out a deal on his newest design that I am extremely excited about. This holster has a newly designed set of loops that allow this holster to be worn inside or outside the waist band. The base holster is an IWB holster and is a great fit. Outside the waist band you still have a great hand fitted holster.

These holsters are available individually for your pistol of choice or as an add on to one of our upgraded Glocks. I’m also looking at adding these to our custom 1911’s.
















These holsters are made of thicker leather than any big name maker. They are assembled in such a way so comfort is maximized. Getting this holster for $150 is a screaming deal. However this holster is only $95 ($5 shipping charge applies). Mine (for my G23 Reaper) is showing up by the end of the week…how soon will you have yours?

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