What a morning

Ok so I went to test fire a couple customer rifles this morning. I am so amazed. Yeah, so we’re talking about my own work and I kick daily butt. I know. Anyway, I had a “Bones” rifle that I tested first. No problems. It ran…and ran….just like I wanted it too. This one is ready for shipment and we are going to have a very happy customer. This one is all well and good but I wasn’t done.

Then I had the absolute pleasure of test firing a Templar rifle. You know the biggest difference? The BattleComp. I kid you not there was no muzzle flip whatsoever. Also, because of the expansion chamber the recoil was cut in half. It was literally like shooting an AR with a .22 conversion kit on it. This was the most pleasant shooting AR I have ever been around much less shot. I all but skipped off the range. Everyone in the gunshop thought I was mentally challenged because of my dopey grin. It was worth it though. I can’t wait to hear the customer’s reaction. This is his first AR and he is getting the absolute best one ever made. Only Crusader can provide this.

5 thoughts on “What a morning

  1. That certainly sounds appealing. Being as I live in the People’s Republic of California, I have to build my own. will a crusader upper fit a standard lower?

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