I know…we’ve already heard from the political elites that “we don’t profile here in America”. I’m so sick of hearing that. With the viral video circling of TSA doing the full pat down of a 6yr old little girl in full view of the rest of the airport. The instance was caught on tape by a bystander. Some how the girl’s mom just stands there. She just lets the agent do whatever she needs to, to her daughter, without protest. Do we fault her for that? I really can’t say. We’ve all heard of the ruling of, refuse the pat down…decide you will just not fly…then you will be headed for jail. What a load of crap. Since when are we supposed to hand over all our rights just to board a source of mass transit. What’s next, TSA at the bus stop?

Look, my wife has a family member that works for TSA. The honest agents will tell you that they hate the new rules as much as we do. That being said, what’s from keeping an uncaught pedophile from getting a job with the TSA? What’s to keep a law abiding homosexual from being the one doing the pat down on your our I? It’s an uncomfortable situation to begin with but add in a gay man or woman doing your pat down on the inside of your waistband and you have the recipe for trouble. Sure you can ask for a different agent…but from what we’ve seen you won’t get one. All you’ll get is more aggression from the agent.

We have an election coming up next year and a chance to regain our freedom. The TSA needs to be an issue in the upcoming presidential election, period. The morons at the head of TSA need to go and a conservative president could be the one to get it done. Let your representatives know that you want it to be an issue.

Here’s what we need to see in our airports, the podium you have to pass to even get into the check point, that agent needs to be trained in what to look for. What groups of people are we looking out for and the names/languages associated with them. From there that agent has a protocol to follow and questions to ask. If they need another agent to interview those people to keep the line flowing, fine. We look at countries like Israel who is in the middle east, are surrounded by countries that hate them, terrorists love to lob rockets at them, but they don’t have an airline hijacking problem. They don’t have terrorists using their planes as a weapon of mass destruction. Why is that? They profile the people flying and do so very fast and effectively. To dismiss that as just “not the way we do things in America” is stupid. If there is a threat you don’t take protection tools away from those trying to protect you.

Wait, we do just that….don’t we.

One thought on “Profiling

  1. What’s next, TSA at the bus stop?

    As a matter of fact. . .
    Dang, can’t find the link, but there was a proposal floated by TSA to expand into train stations and sports stadiums, because, after all, they’ve done such a splendid job so far in keeping us all feeling safe.

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