Bin Laden

Okay, so the piece of excrement is dead. Unlimited props to our intel agencies and military for getting the job done. It may have taken 10 years but that just proves that you can’t wear down the US. You mess with us…we WILL kill you. I’m more than happy to give B.O. a pat on the back for giving the order. Great job Pres. you finally did something right.

Now about the pictures; first it’s “heck yeah we’re releasing them”…now it’s “oops, changed my mind”. Make up your mind Obama. I know that’s hard for you but holy crap. If you have to take a public poll (very Clintonian) do that before opening your mouth. I love his reasoning…..Osama isn’t a trophy. Okay, a couple things. There are always war trophies of one kind or another. Oh, and if Osama was a trophy it would be more like his head on a pike…not photo evidence of his death.

You know, I have to disagree with my buddy, Glenn Beck. He thinks it will destabilize the middle east…any more than it already is? Really? Maybe it’s just the warrior spirit in me but sending our enemy the message of we just dealt you a major blow…SUCK THAT, B_ _CH…is actually a good thing. They’ll be so pissed that they wont be thinking straight and will therefore be easier to kill. Not to mention making the bad guys say “HERE I AM…and I’m really mad” is kind of the idea….easier to dispatch the enemy if you know who they are. Our military has a difficult time in this war because the enemy (although still enemy combatants) are members on no countries military. They are 100% civilians, with some Iraqi police and other forces thrown into the mix. So any way to make the enemy more visible is actually helpful. Our military is up to the task, trust me. There is the saying,”let loose the dogs of war”, for a reason. When needed you turn them loose, get out of the way,  and they go get the job done. That’s what they train for. Just get the politics out of the way and we would already be home, in my opinion.

So, this all comes to one conclusion that we all know. Obama may hold the office but he is no leader. The dude can’t make up his own mind to save….our lives much less his own. Thank Heaven for a competent military. We owe them a great debt and our eternal thanks.


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