Sandbox Review

Last month we had some great feedback. A customer wanted to get some Slipstream over to a young Recon Marine, Known to me only as Ian. We keep our “for the troops” program rolling for anyone that wants to take part at any time. For what they but to send over, we match it and pay the shipping. It’s the least we can do. This gentleman sent us enough to ship 50 bottles over to his chosen unit.

No word had come back so the gentleman emailed me to see what I had heard. That being nothing, he sent a message over to the young Marine. Here is his reply:

Tell him thank you very much and the Slipstream is being put to very good use. I kept 2 bottles for myself and passed the rest out to the guys in my Company. There are about 40 Recon Marines using that stuff on their guns everytime they head out on a patrol and we are in the most kenetic area in Helmand. Lets jsut say the Taliban are not appreciating his gift, lol. Thank you very much for whatever you said to get him thinking about sending that stuff.

The Taliban hates Slipstream…or the effects of it. That’s a beautiful thing.

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