Page Addition

10 days since my last post. Sorry about that. We’ve been busy working on a new page for the Crusader website. A client of ours had some interesting finish needs. A CCW pistol in a color light enough to not be obvious through a dress shirt. It had to not only do well on that gun but be good enough to use as a signature color on a carbine as well. Now, this wasn’t just any carbine. This would be one that would have to take a lot of abuse. Muzzle strikes would always be on the menu. So the finish had to stand up to this level of abuse. We tried Duracoat. That was an epic fail. There had to be something that would stand up to this clients pace. So, we went on the research path again. There’s only one finish that would take the punishment it was in for, Cerakote.  Cerakote has a very unique ceramic structure. Once cured not even an act of congress can remove it. Applying it takes a lot of prep work. Much more than anything else I’ve worked with. The actual application of it is very simple, though, and dries in only five days. That’s a full cure. Duracoat I don’t ship for five days just to have it finished enough to not be destroyed during shipping. Cerakote, I can ship in 24 hrs and have it be fully cured when it reaches the customer.

Like we put on our website, if you need a single color on a hunting rifle, a diamond hard finish on your carry gun, or a serious camo on a duty rifle that will withstand the most kinetic environments Cerakote is what you’re looking for. Crusader is proud to be able to offer this finish to all our customers. It is available to your personal weapons or as an add on to any Crusader firearm.

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