I’ve been meaning to do this for some time now. I’ve been looking at Winchester’s PDX1 ammunition. The idea behind it is nothing new but I still have to sing the praises of these shot shells. The idea behind PDX1 shells is the old “buck and ball” loads used in the American Revolution. For those that may not know what I’m talking about “buck and ball” is a full caliber lead ball loaded with a few pellets of buckshot. Just think of the devastation that combo causes. You’re basically shooting something with a rifle round and then you get slammed by a few follow up buckshot pellets. The thought is shocking.

They only have it available in .410 and 12ga but I hope they are working on the 20ga for those that need it. The .410 version turns a self defense joke of a gun into something you wouldn’t mind providing to a recoil shy person in the family. The PDX1 .410 combines three plated Defense Disc projectiles and 12 pellets of plated BB shot. How awesome is that? Now if you really want to hit hard there is the PDX1 12ga shells. This round gives you three buckshot pellets sitting on top of a rifled slug. Yeah…did you feel that shiver go up your spine like I did? That’s a tube full of destruction just waiting to happen. Now I don’t really advise you ripping off a rifled slug anything in your house. That slug will be ripping through walls like no ones business. However, the law enforcement possibilities of this round are staggering.

Ok, go recapture a piece of American heritage and shoot some modern day “buck and ball” ammo. You know you want to.

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