Ayoob MAG-40

Crusader Weaponry was officially invited to attend the Ayoob Group’s MAG-40 Class in Salt Lake Sept 14-17. We will be there to show off some of Crusader’s Wares, Slipstream, and to have an awesome time with awesome people. This course is hosted by The Gun Dudes, and in attendance will be Daniel Shaw of Gunfighter Cast. We’re excited to finally hang out with Daniel. We consider him an old friend of Crusader since he was the first to interview us about Slipstream in our early days.

To be able to meet and take a class from Massad Ayoob is a big honor. To be able to show off Crusader to him and the other students is a bucket full of ice cold liquid awesome. This is going to be an EPIC week of training.

3 thoughts on “Ayoob MAG-40

  1. I’ve taken the MAG-40 and it’s a very powerful experience. The classroom portion is extremely intense and can have some serious impact if you have the right (or wrong?) kind of personal history.

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