Rally Cry

As many of you know we have a friend, and part of the Crusader family, that just deployed to “the sandbox”. We just got an email from him and there’s a few things that he’s lacking over there. Nightcrawler is one of our own and we need to take good care of him. Here is what he is asking for to get him through this deployment:

-Bravo Company Manufacturing “Gunfighter” Model 3 charging handle (the one with the biggest flapper) for my M4. The stock handle is hard to use as a lefty and with the ACOG on there.
-More Slipstream
-Flat Dark Earth, OD Green, and Brown Krylon spray paint (the ultra no glare stuff meant for painting weapons).  Just one can of each color.
-A new set of cheap flip-flops I can use as shower shoes.  Mine are falling apart. (Uh, large?  I wear size 12 boots.)
-Some kind of flip-up lens cover for a TA-31 4x ACOG.  I don’t know who makes them or how much one would cost, but I could sure use one.  Mine has the Trijicon RMR dot sight mounted on top of it, if that matters.
-Postage stamps.
-The OCP uniforms have built in pockets in the knees and elbows for pads.  I forgot to get a set at Kandahar and have no idea when I’ll be back.  I don’t know who makes them, but somebody out there makes a set of kneel/elbow pads that’ll fit perfectly in the ACU/OCP/etc. uniform.  So, a set of those, if you can find them.
-Toothpaste and maybe a stick of deodorant.

There are obviously some things, like Slipstream, that we have taken care of. Other things like the flip up lens covers, pouches, or the gunfighter charging handle we are looking for or have access to dealer pricing for. If you’d like to donate to the cause send me an email and we will put it to 100% good use on this gear he’s requesting. But we ask you help out in some way. Send him a care package, a letter, a post card, whatever. The important thing is that he know that we have his back while he’s out there.

If you are interested in sending him something email me at joe@crusaderweaponry.com and I will get the address to you. I’m not publishing it here for OPSEC and just his all around safety.

Thanks in advance.

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