True Rewards

We know Slipstream is a superior product. We put a lot of time and effort into formulating something that would work well enough that nothing on the market could touch it. The rewards for doing so rarely surface. I got an email last night that made up for all that.  A couple months ago we had someone donate enough to send a BUNCH over to a Recon Marine unit he was acquainted with. As usual we match the donation and those Devil Dogs were well taken care of. Well, they’re home safe. Every one of them, according to the vague report I got. That was enough for me. Then this email came in. I’m both grateful and humbled by this Marine taking the time to send it.

Hi, I was one of the recon marines who was lucky enough to get a couple bottles of your slipstream weapon lube in Afghanistan this spring. I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for sending it out there for us. We really appreciated the support, and the fact that it worked a couple thousand times better than CLP was awesome too! I know for a fact that I put 200 rounds through a dirty M4 in about a minute on full auto and didn’t foul once. Thank you.
-Cpl. Heagy

Corporal, I appreciate your email. No need to ever thank us we are honored to be able to support you in any way. Thank you for your service. Thank you for being out there so the fight isn’t on our streets for my children to see. Thank you for being the honorable man you are.

These are the true rewards most companies only dream of. Thank you.

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