Slipstream, helping in the fight against terror

Crusader has a couple good friends that are Air Force EOD Techs. Being close to the company as they are how could they possibly go off to war without a case of Slipstream? I won’t name names or what country they’re in, we’d like them to come home in one piece, but let me tell you a little about what they’re doing with their black goodness.

Both are using it on their own issued weapons, that’s a given, but they are also using it on some unique weapons. Who here likes the “Ma Deuce”? I know I do. That’s one of the most iconic belt feds ever produced. Well, on Slipstream this old warhorse runs like a raped ape.  Send a happy little chill up my spine to think of a .50 cal never jamming and keeping our men safe in the middle of a fire fight. Then there’s the usual M4’s and M9’s but they keep trying to get the MK19 (belt fed 40mm grenade launcher) gunner to use some awesome sauce. I guess it jeeps jamming on him. I’ve worked on the MK19 and I can tell you it needs lubrication much like an M60. But with the moon dust over there traditionally issued oil (CLP) will gum up that gun so fast you might as well not take it into battle. They need to get some Slipstream on that thing and all his problems will be solved.

One of the cool things they’ve been using Slipstream on are their bomb disposal robots. Yes, even robots need some Slipstream love’n. This one really make me proud. These little guys make it possible for our guys to defuse a bomb at a safe distance. If our stuff can help keep our EOD guys safe, with a well working robot, and in return keep the whole unit safe from an IED…well, I can’t really say more than that. It’s just too awesome for words.

To our friends, thanks for believing in our stuff enough to take it with you and, even in some small part, we hope it helps you come home safely.


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